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Scotland ban - Write to your MSP

With limited time before the ban comes into effect in Scotland, it's time to write to your MSP and express your opinion.

Included below is the template and attachments crafted by Save Our Bullies that can be edited and emailed.


  • Please save all files to your device apart from the MSP template itself.

  • Open the MSP template, copy and paste this into a written email, and address it to your local MSP and sign the email with your own first name and surname. Pleae also include a mall personal statement to avoid this being ignored or answered with a generic copy/paste response from the MSP. Remember you can challenge them if their response is inadequate. 

  • To find your local MSP’s details (email address) please search here :

  • Remember to Copy and paste the MP template as an actual written email (do not send this as an attachment). Then attach the additional files to your email once finished. You can save these files locally and attach them to an email as normal. This can be done on Android, I-phone or on your PC.

Download ZIP • 20.35MB


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