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Welcome to Don't Ban Me, Licence Me

Campaigning For Fair Dog Legislation Through Licensing and Education.

Don’t Ban Me - Licence Me (LicenceMe Group Ltd), is a not-for-profit group of dedicated professionals campaigning to promote fairer dog legislation through education and licensing.


Our team of experts, researchers, dog trainers, dog behaviourists and owners, are committed to providing expert knowledge and practical tools needed to advocate for the rights of all dogs, regardless of breed. We believe that every dog deserves a loving home, and that no dog should be discriminated against based on their breed.


Our overarching mission is to promote responsible dog ownership for the future of UK dogs, their owners and the general public. We believe that by working together, we can create a world where all dogs are treated with respect, are understood and are given the love they deserve, ensuring dogs and owners are the best they can be, and the public are safe. ​


Our aims:

  • To scope out opportunities to create change. 

  • To proactively seek out opportunities to challenge misconceptions and assumptions around Breed Specific Legislation.

  • To engage in the debate on a real desire for new, fair, legislation with an emphasis on education, training, public safety, and animal welfare at its core.

  • To engage and act with dog welfare charities and organisations for the promotion of responsible ownership.

  • To work with global breed organisations and registration organisations, to effectively campaign for change. 

  • Create opportunities to partner with fundraising organisations and grass roots kennels and owners. 

  • To ensure that owners understand their legal obligations when owning a dog including seeking professional help from reputable dog trainers, understand what responsible dog ownership means, to support owners across the country to understand their dogs' genetics through advocacy, training and education.

Our work

At Don't Ban Me - Licence Me, we believe in fact-based advocacy for responsible dog ownership. Our work includes lobbying MPs to prevent any proposed breed-specific bans and advocating for the adoption of effective licensing models.

Our team is passionate about providing informative resources for dog owners and the public alike. With extensive research and analysis we are able to provide useful reports to ensure that MP's are made aware of the consequences of any proposed ban and have up-to-date information about how licensing models can be effective alternatives. We also submitted evidence against the XL Bully ban for the recent EFRA evidence session in the house of commons. You can read that evidence here.


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