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The XL Bully ban

With your support, we have taken legal action against the government in response to the XL Bully ban.

Our plan

A judicial review

In response to the XL Bully ban, Licenceme Group are in the process of taking legal action against the government and on 24th April 2024, have been given permission for a judicial review of the legislation. 

We may be the 'Client' on paper but we act on behalf of XL Bully owners and the dog community, who have shown their support by donating to our Go Fund Me page which has raised funds for legal-related costs.

Updates can be found on our blog page, social media and the GoFundMe campaign page.

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Total raised: £218,855!

Raised via the Go Fund Me and other donations detailed below.

We have stopped all donations as there is a cost-capping order in place from the court.

This means that court costs cannot exceed the money we have in the bank to date.

Additional donations

Donated straight to the bank account to avoid additional processing fees from online fundraisers.
XL Bully Ban.jpg


The Official Bully Collective

Generously donated from their fundraising efforts, including Bully link-ups and raffles.


The Save Our Bullies Shop

The profits from all merchandise sold through their shop including t-shirts and hoodies.


Elite Ladies

Generously donated from their fundraising efforts! (We are presuming kickboxing!)


The XL Bully

Created and sold by @tiagothexl on Instagram. This donation is in addition to +£500 donated through GoFundMe.


IrishbullyTV + Save Our Bullies

From donations collected during a fun show for dogs, and raffle tickets.

Funds spent to date

We commit to transparency around how funds for the legal challenge are spent. This section will be updated as the case progresses.

IMG_1522 2.PNG

Initial payment

A donation from the ABKC to instruct the barrister.



Court costs and applications to The Royal Courts of Justice.



Legal fees for the Injunction hearing and Judicial Review applications.

Organized Files


Administration costs including legal printing and software.

Working with Financial Documents


For expert witness reports that will strengthen the case.



Go Fund Me processing fees.

Legal statement

All funds raised through the Go Fund Me page will be withdrawn to our UK company bank account and then paid out upon receipt of an invoice. Updates can be found on the Go Fund Me page.

Other fundraising efforts have been transferred directly to the bank account and are detailed on this page. 

Please note that there is no guarantee a legal case will proceed or be successful. If, following advice from counsel it transpires a judicial review is not advisable, or at any point there are not enough funds to move forward, funds within the Go Fund Me will be donated to dog charities and welfare organisations that align with our campaign. We will be unable to offer refunds through Go Fund Me as funds have already been withdrawn for legal costs. We hope that donors will appreciate that their donation will still have the potential to save a dog's life.

Any announcement regarding funds will be through our official Go Fund Me Page and here on our website.

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