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Logos and Graphics

Feel free to use our logos and graphics in your own work. Click the image and you'll see a download button -or- access them from Google Drive HERE.

We've also included some suggested text you're welcome to use - simply copy and paste.

* Please note - Our logo is not available for merchandise/commercial use.

Our logos and graphics

Suggested text

Feel free to copy and paste our text paragraphs into your own flyers, social media posts and more!

Call to action suggested text for a flyer:

Fellow dog lovers, we need you!

You may be aware that the government are going against expert advice and have announced they will add the xl bully to the Dangerous Dogs list by the end of the year!

We are preparing for any possible legal challenge that may be open to us.
We support a licensing model and responsible dog ownership in replacement of a ban.

If you want to help us save our dogs and dogs that could be typed (including, staffies, cane corsos, presa canarios, rottweilers and other bull breeds/crosses) then please get involved with the following:

- Visit to learn more. 
- Write to your MP (the website has a template to help).
- Help us fundraise via: or donate via the QR code.
- Help us spread our message.

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