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Our fundraiser has reached £150,000!

Wow! We are so grateful to everyone who has donated to our Go Fund Me fundraiser and helped us to achieve over £150,000 in donations so far!

This amount that has been raised in such a short amount of time will give us a fighting chance in our legal challenge.

All of the funds raised through the Go Fund Me will be allocated to legal fees, expert witnesses and potential court costs.

Common Questions

One of the questions we get asked a lot is "What happens if you need to raise more?"

The truth is we don't have an exact figure, we took advice on a good target to set in order to give us enough funds to launch the legal challenge, but depending what happens there is a chance we could need to raise more.

We always aim to be transparent here on our website and on social media, so expect to see updates about funds regularly.

Another common question is "What happens if there's money left over?"

Well that would be nice! We've committed to donate any leftover funds to charities that align with our campaign, whether that's shelters that are taking in bully breeds or organisations supporting seized dogs. We will select a few and donate accordingly.

Again, this will be made public and published on this website.

Check out the XL Bully Ban page for more information on donations and what we've spent so far.


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