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Updated Government Guidelines & Exemption process - 13th & 14th Nov 23

The Government have released more guidelines around the XL Bully 'type' and the exemption form this morning.

Last night they released more on the compensation scheme for people choosing to euthanise their dog.

The guidance around what an XL Bully 'type' is has been updated to include photographs. Click here to read the full publication.

The exemption form is also now live on the Government website. Please note- You have until January 31st to apply for exemption.

You can find the exemption form here.

We are still proceeding with a Judicial Review and intend to apply for an injunction.

We cannot advise whether you should apply for the exemption right now or wait, however, we can reassure you the Legal team are making the necessary applications.

We hope to post an update by the end of this week.

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