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Go Fund Me Update

An update posted to the GoFundMe page on 29th January 2024.

We are sorry to share some disappointing news with you this evening.

Judge Justice Linden has reviewed the papers and has not granted permission for the Judicial Review. We did not receive prior notice of a hearing; instead, we received the Judge's order today.

The barrister has advised that we should renew the application for permission, and this will be served within the next 7 days.

Our legal team empathises with the disappointment many of us will be feeling. This may be a setback, but they encourage us not to lose hope. The renewal means the next hearing would be an oral hearing, providing our barrister with a better opportunity to passionately argue our case.

While we cannot provide a specific date for a hearing at this point, we commit to keeping you informed as soon as the renewal is submitted and confirmed.

Given the looming deadline for exemption applications —midday on Wednesday, 31st January— we want to stress the importance of adhering to the legislation. In light of the current circumstances, the DBMLM team are reluctantly exempting our dogs. However, it's crucial to emphasise that we remain dedicated to the legal challenge. The barrister's advice to renew the application reinforces our commitment to this cause.

For additional guidance on the exemption process, please refer to our previous updates.

We truly appreciate your understanding and continued support during this challenging time.

The DBMLM Team.


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